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In today’s fast-paced world of discrete manufacturing, achieving operational excellence and effective supply chain management is essential for any business. However, implementing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can be challenging and could lead to costly failures.

From intuitive processing of operations and digital resilience to flexible workflows and powerful business intelligence, Acumatica ERP offers a holistic solution that drives success. So, let’s explore how Acumatica helps gauge the manufacturing industry’s pulse, promoting growth, efficiency, and transparency. Dive deep into Acumatica Cloud ERP to understand how it rescues & empowers companies in the domain of discrete manufacturing.

How do ERP Systems Empower Discrete Manufacturing Industry?

ERP software undergoes dynamic upgrades from year to year. Hence, with its latest features, they offer unparalleled support to discrete manufacturing companies in multiple ways. Let’s explore how specific feature uplifts the ERP game for manufacturers:

1. Intuitive Processing of Operations: ERP software like Acumatica’s user-friendly interface simplifies the learning curve. This ensures that employees at your company seamlessly adopt the ERP system. Intuitive processing streamlines daily operations, empowering employees to work efficiently and productively.

2. Digital Resilience: In the face of technological advancements and market changes, ERP tools provide digital resilience to discrete manufacturers. With robust data security and regular updates, the ERP system remains at the forefront of innovation and maintains business continuity.

3. Flexible Workflows: The cloud ERP is tailored to meet the unique needs of a particular manufacturing company. Therefore, systems like Acumatica’s flexibility allow for customizable workflows, empowering businesses to adapt quickly to changing requirements.

4. Faster Collaboration: With Acumatica ERP, teams can collaborate seamlessly across departments and locations. Real-time access to information will also foster efficient decision-making and accelerates project completion.

5. Powerful Business Intelligence (BI): Advanced reporting features in ERP systems provide companies with in-depth insights into manufacturing processes. By harnessing real-time data and customizable dashboards, businesses can make data-driven decisions that drive growth and efficiency.

6. Better Transparency: Cloud ERPs like Acumatica promote transparency in operations. This, in turn, enables manufacturing companies to track production schedules, analyze inventory levels, and monitor costs accurately. Besides, transparency improves communication and fosters trust with customers and partners.

How ERP helps Manufacturers

What happens when ERP implementation fails?

Failed ERP implementations are extremely detrimental to any business, particularly for Small to Medium Enterprises. Such failures could be usually due to various reasons including poor planning, inadequate training, and lack of stakeholder buy-in. The repercussions of these failures can be far-reaching, affecting the entire organization and its ability to compete in the market. Thus, to overcome these challenges, a well-thought-out rescue plan is essential to ensure successful ERP adoption and utilization.

The Role of Acumatica ERP in Rescuing Failed Implementations

Acumatica ERP stands out as a robust solution when it comes to managing smooth workflow in the manufacturing industry. Besides, its comprehensive modular capabilities designed specifically for manufacturers help address the common challenges faced during ERP implementations. Additionally, the platform offers a user-friendly interface, advanced reporting tools, and seamless integration with other systems, all of which contribute to successful implementations.

Acumatica is top performing ERP 2023

How do ERP Systems Promote Growth in the Manufacturing Industry?

Software like Acumatica ERP goes beyond aiding individual companies. Moreover, they play a crucial role in gauging the pulse of the entire manufacturing industry. Here’s how:

Industry Benchmarks: By analyzing data across multiple discrete manufacturing companies, Acumatica can identify industry benchmarks and best practices. Manufacturing companies can set realistic goals and strive for excellence with these insights brought out with the expertise of ERP partners like AdCirrus ERP.

Market Trends: Acumatica’s robust business intelligence capabilities allow manufacturers to identify market trends and adapt their strategies accordingly. This enables you to stay ahead of industry trends and foster a competitive edge.

Supply Chain Optimization:  Businesses can optimize their supply chains, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall efficiency with the help of ERP software like Acumatica. Streamlined supply chains benefit the entire industry, creating a domino effect of improved performance.

Compliance and Regulations: Cloud ERP helps manufacturers stay compliant with industry regulations, ensuring ethical practices and fostering a positive image for the industry.

Best Practices for Successful ERP Implementation Rescue

To effectively rescue a failed ERP implementation, certain key steps and best practices must be followed. This includes conducting a thorough assessment of the current implementation, identifying, and addressing the root causes of failure, and creating a detailed rescue plan with clear objectives and timelines. Also, collaboration between the implementation team such as AdCirrus ERP and SMEs is paramount to ensure a smooth transition and effective utilization of Acumatica ERP’s capabilities.

So, let’s look at each step on how to rescue a failed ERP implementation effectively with AdCirrus ERP:

AdCirrus prevents ERP Failures

1. Assessing the Current Implementation

The first step in rescuing a failed ERP implementation is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current state. This involves analyzing the existing infrastructure, evaluating the effectiveness of the implemented processes, and identifying the pain points and challenges faced by end-users. AdCirrus ERP brings an excellent line of experts to your business through this!

2. Identifying and Addressing Root Causes of Failure

Once the assessment is complete, it is crucial to identify the root causes of ERP implementation failure. Common issues may include inadequate training, poor data migration, or the absence of key functionalities. Addressing these issues requires a focused approach and collaboration with stakeholders to devise appropriate solutions.

3. Creating a Detailed Rescue Plan

With a clear understanding of the challenges and root causes, SMEs and the ERP partners could collaborate to create a detailed rescue plan. This should outline specific objectives, actionable steps, and realistic timelines for implementation success. Indeed, AdCirrus ERP is quite mindful of the level of detail to strategize an effective solution for you!

4. Leveraging Acumatica ERP’s Comprehensive Capabilities

Acumatica ERP’s comprehensive capabilities can be a game-changer in the rescue process. By leveraging its user-friendly interface, advanced reporting tools, and seamless integration with other systems, SMEs can effectively streamline their manufacturing processes and gain valuable insights from real-time data.

5. Collaborating and Engaging Stakeholders

Successful ERP rescue implementations require active collaboration and engagement from all stakeholders. SMEs should involve end-users, management, and implementation teams to ensure a smooth transition and garner support for the new system.

Journeys Of Curran and Fabuwood: A Milestone For Manufacturing Edition of Acumatica 

Acumatica is one of the best ERP solutions in the market and not without reason. It is continuously evolving and introducing new technologies based on valuable insights from our customers. A prime example is Curran, a reputable flooring and home furnishings manufacturer. Operating mainly in the US with manufacturing units in Europe, Curran wanted to automate their European operations while expanding their global sales with multiple base currencies.

Responding to their specific needs, Acumatica has delivered a single tenant that seamlessly covered both US and Europe entities. This not only simplified their reporting processes but also facilitated the sharing of configurations, customer data, numbers, and inventory information across the entire organization. While this tailored solution successfully addressed Curran’s challenges, it’s worth mentioning that this benefit is now available to all of you with the latest upgrade from Acumatica R1 2023.

New Features from Acumatica for Manufacturers

Another rather commendable success story of Acumatica comes from Fabuwood, a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer and an esteemed 2018 Customer of the Year. Upon close analysis of Fabuwood’s feedback, the R&D team at Acumatica recognized the demand for MRP Display Screen side panels, which had been promptly introduced in the Acumatica 2023 R1 upgrade.

Incorporating customer inputs into product development, Acumatica proudly presented the experimental and controlled release features in Acumatica 2023 R1 in June. Among the exciting additions are Special Orders, SendGrid Templates, and a transformed Microsoft Teams integration. Moreover, more developments such as Acumatica Payments, a modern approach to cater to the ever-changing payment landscape will be available in the second half of 2023.

With its latest features, Acumatica Cloud ERP aims to continue empowering its customers, and the entire manufacturing industry with innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. Hence, AdCirrus ERP is strongly instrumental in implementing these upgrades smoothly to accelerate your business growth!

Building Manufacturing Reports with Acumatica ERP

Manufacturing reports play a crucial role in supply chain management and decision-making processes. Acumatica ERP offers an array of reporting capabilities, empowering SMEs to generate real-time data and customizable dashboards. These features enable businesses to track production schedules, conduct inventory analysis, and monitor cost tracking efficiently and accurately.

Examples of manufacturing reports that can be created using Acumatica ERP include detailed production schedules, inventory analysis reports highlighting stock levels and trends, and comprehensive cost-tracking reports that facilitate better budgeting and resource allocation decisions.

Analyst using Acumatica to drive business decisions

Accelerate Your Business with AdCirrus ERP

Acumatica ERP is a game-changer for discrete manufacturing companies, offering a wide range of benefits, from intuitive processing of operations and digital resilience to flexible workflows and powerful business intelligence. By rescuing failed ERP implementations and empowering manufacturers to thrive, Acumatica drives success and growth in the manufacturing sector.

Beyond individual companies, Acumatica ERP plays a vital role in promoting the manufacturing industry’s growth, providing industry benchmarks, identifying market trends, and optimizing supply chains. With the latest upgrades on the go from Acumatica R1 2023 release, Acumatica enables manufacturers to adapt and flourish in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Acumatica ERP is not just an enterprise solution. Moreover, it’s a catalyst for progress, driving success and innovation in the discrete manufacturing sector. By choosing Acumatica ERP, AdCirrus and other manufacturing businesses can unlock their full potential, achieve digital resilience, and build a thriving future in the competitive manufacturing industry.

Besides, Acumatica ERP is a powerful solution that revolutionizes manufacturing reports and rescues failed ERP implementations for SMEs in the manufacturing industry. By addressing common implementation challenges, offering comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, and providing real-time data and customizable dashboards, Acumatica empowers businesses to optimize their supply chain management processes and make informed decisions.

Thus, SMEs can benefit greatly by considering Acumatica ERP as a valuable tool to drive manufacturing and supply chain success. By leveraging Acumatica’s functionalities, collaboration, and best practices, businesses can overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. Let us at AdCirrus help you along the curve!

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Industry Specific Edition

Acumatica cloud ERP’s Industry-Specific Editions are a unique combination of Acumatica cloud ERP functionality and functionality specific to a particular industry or industry segment.

For example, the Manufacturing Edition includes both manufacturing and distribution modules, as well as modules for field service and general business use. The Distribution Edition includes only distribution modules.

The Industry-Specific Editions include all of the core Acumatica cloud ERP functionality including:

  • Core Accounting
  • Core Billing & Invoicing
  • Core Business Management  (including project management and portfolio management)
  • Core Data Modeling & Validation  (using the same data model used in the Core Accounting module)
  • Core Enterprise Resource Planning  (including CRM integration)
  • Core Human Resources & Payroll  (HRIS integration with HR applications such as Zenefits)
  • Core Inventory Management  (including barcode scanning technology that can be used to identify inventory items based on their UPC codes or SKU numbers.)

Retail Commerce Management

Deliver a consistent customer experience across all your sales channels with full integration between your online, mobile, kiosk, and in-store service.

  • Reduce stock-outs and back orders 
  • Speed up order processing and fulfillment 
  • Streamline returns and exchange 
  • Provide an omni-channel experience 
  • Offer a world-class eCommerce presence 
  • Integration with web stores and POS systems

Project Management

Streamline project management: The project accounting suite enables you to track project costs, carry out planning and billing, and manage time and expenses while completely integrating with the fundamental accounting operations like general ledger and accounts payable.

Customer Relationship Management

Set up customer relationship management: CRM is an important tool for any business that wants to build strong customer relationships and retain customers. With Acumatica, you can set up a customer relationship management system that works for your business.

The CRM feature includes:

  • Customizable reporting dashboards
  • Powerful business intelligence capability
  • Service and support automated workflows
  • A customer self-service portal

Service Management

Maximize dispatching and boost revenue by scheduling the right people at the right time, and see real-time data for work taking place in the field.

  • Single version of the truth
  • Multi-dimensional reporting
  • Security by role
  • Custom reports and personalized dashboards
  • Multiple display options

Construction Management

Provides a complete, mobile-enabled cloud-based construction and accounting software solution.

  • Instant data access in role-based dashboards 
  • Native AI and ML for automation and data processing 
  • Superior compliance management 
  • Flexible drop-shipping to project sites 
  • Real-time connection among workers-field, office, and remote.

Sales Improvement

Acumatica’s sales management features can help businesses increase their sales and revenue.

Utilize Business Intelligence

You may gather crucial data from various sources and show it in reports made for quick decision-making with Acumatica cloud ERP. This software includes analytical tools for monitoring the state of your business. It identifies problems before they substantially harm your company.

Warehouse Management

Streamline warehouse operations and transaction to reduce errors, automate processes and increase productivity.

  • Reduce errors 
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Automate data capture 
  • Simplify tracking
  • Prioritized, direct picking 

Inventory Optimization

Optimize inventory: Acumatica’s inventory management tools can help businesses reduce inventory costs and improve stock levels.

Manufacturing Management

Built for make-to-stock, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, project centric, job shop, batch, repetitive manufacturing, and more.

  • Complete, multi-site cloud manufacturing control and planning system
  • Improve efficiency with intuitive, award-winning UI
  • Empower collaboration with cross-module workflows 
  • Create business resilience with our future proof design 

Order Processing

Use order processing: Order processing is another key feature of Acumatica ERP software. With this feature, you can streamline your order process and keep track of orders as they move through the pipeline.

Improve financial management

There are a number of ways businesses can make the most out of Acumatica’s features. For example, businesses can use Acumatica to:

– Improve financial management: Acumatica’s financial management tools can help businesses save time and money by streamlining accounting and financial processes. This functionality includes:

     General ledger incorporating real-time analysis fully integrated with all other features

     Accounts receivable and payable

     Cash, currency & tax management solutions

     Fixed assets

     Recurring revenue management